Dover Boxing Day Dip



Members of the  Dover film Society will be shooting video at the Dover Tudor Festival

for the 2016 Dover Film on Saturday.



2016 User Friendly gig in aid of the Kelly Turner Cancer Fund at the Bull Inn



2016 Dover Lions - Publicians Charity Walk



2016 Dover Music Festival



2016 Dover Carnival






Blue Bell woods in Dover



2016 The Zeebrugge Bell Ceremony at Dover Town Hall    



St James' Cemetery 

98th Anniversary St George's Day

on 23rd April 2016

Parade and Service up near the Zeebrugge Memorial and Graves

The Royal Scout Harmony (Band) of Zeebrugge





Thursday 21st April 2016 Lighting the Beacon at Dover Castle

to celebrate the Queen's 90th Birthday



2016 International Wheelchair Fencing 31st January 2016 in Crusie Terminal 1, Dover