2017 Boxing Day Dip on Dover beach



Thursday 7th December 2017 new Lidl Store opens in Dover



2017 Dover Winter Carnival





2017 Lions Publician Charity Walk on Dover sea front



Volunteers Clean Up of the River Dour



30th Annual Dover Festival Prom Concert - 'All Hail Ye Dauntless Dover'

Visit the exhibition of the Dover Pageants in the Dover Museum, Market Square



30th Annual Dover Festival Prom Concert Rule Britannia



2017 Dover Carnival



2017 Armed Forces Day in Dover



2017 Dover Rowing Club Regatta



2017 Dover General Election Count and result



The latest mural by Banksy the Street Artist is a big attraction in Dover 



2017 Dover Beer Festival


On a beautiful morning on 7th April 2017,

Dovorians looked up to the skies as a successful world record balloon

attempt crosses the channel to beat the record set in 2011