The Dover Film


     Dover has a rich culture

     and  character that shines

     across the community events

     and wonderful backdrop of

     this great town.

     The Dover Film is a collection of

     the key events in our local 









     For a one off payment of £10 you receive

    access to all the Dover films over the last

    19 years. 

    On 1st March 2021, members will be able

    to view the 2020 Dover Film.


   Display on a playboard in Dover Harbour







                 Film Previews


     So many different events

     happen in Dover each

     year from carnivals and regatta

     to sports events and civic

     ceremonies. See if you can spot

     any familiar faces as you

     enjoy the history of our

     great town.






    The Dover Film Festival Society is a

    ' Not for profit'company Limited by

    guareantee No 8792028

    and can only continue thanks to generosity

    of our sponsors and members.









     We usually screen the latest film

     and a historic look at Dover at

      the Silver Screen Community


     This is not possible in 2021 but 

     future event details will

     be posted here.




                                          Email For further details    





The Dover Film Festival Society is a ' Not for profit' company Limited

by guarantee No 8792028