Showing at 

Silver Screen Community Cinema

Gaol Lane, Market Square, Dover



                                           2022 Flying Scotsman visit to Dover


                Showing times for 2022 & 1972 Dover Films


Sun 5 Mar 2023                               1.00pm.     3.00pm.

Mon 6 Mar 2023         11.00am.      1.00pm.     3.00pm.      7.00pm. 

Tues 7 Mar 2023                              1.00pm.     3.00pm.      7.00pm.

Wed 8 Mar 2023         11.00am.      1.00pm.     3.00pm.      7.00pm.

Thurs 9 Mar 2023                             1.00pm.     3.00pm.     7.00pm.

Fri 10 Mar 2023                                1.00pm.     3.00pm. 


Further information 


Tel: 07704 930892


Seats can be purchased from


Dover Visitor Information Centre, Market Square


Silver Screen Community Cinema, Gaol Lane