How to reserve seats for the 2023 Annual Dover Film


2022 Dover Film and 1973 Dover Film will be shown


at the Silver Screen Community Cinema



Sunday 5th March 2023                         1.00pm    3.30pm


Monday 6th March 2023         10.30am  1.00pm    3.30pm  7.00pm


Tuesday 7th March 2023        10.30am  1.00pm   3.30pm   7.00pm


Wednesday 8th March 2023    10.30am  1.00pm  3.30pm 7.00pm


Thursday 9th March 2023      10.30am  1.00pm  3.30pm  7.00pm


Friday 10th March 2023                         1.00pm    3.30pm




Click on a times above to view seats available    


Book early to avoid disappointment




Admission       Adults  £6.00     Senior Citizens  £5.00      Children  £3.00


Group Booking.    £4.00 per person



Bookings can be made at: 


                             the Dover Visitor Information Centre, Market Square




                                          Telephone   07704 930892    





The Dover Film Festival Society is a ' Not for profit' company Limited

by guarantee No 8792028