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In 1971 Ray Warner, who had by then completed his 25th annual film

of Dover events, approached Ivan Green, the local historian, with the

idea of a local film festival comprising a short film of general

interest followed by an Ivan Green programme of 'Then and Now'

slides of old Dover and concluding with Ray's annual Dover film.

During the refreshment interval there would be the chance to

view an exhibition provided by the Dover Museum and Library. 

Ian Gill, the Town Clerk, encouraged them to form a small

committee to develop the idea. The committee initially consisted

of just Ray and Ivan with some publicity help from Councillor Peter

Bean. The first Film Festival was held in the Town Hall in 

1972 and the very successful formula lasted for 27 years


      Films by Ray Warner



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After Ray Warner's death in 1990, John Roy of River became an energetic 

chairman of the committee. Following his death Ron Dryden became

chairman and his business acumen eased the financial situation. Phil Heath, Dovorian and managing director of Heathwood Studios, took over the filming after Ray's death and also produced the Festival. All

those involved gave  their services without payment. In 1995 the Festival

celebrated its 25th anniversary by presenting the only survivors of the

first Festival - Margaret (Ivan's wife, projectionist and co-researcher)

and Ivan Green - with a silver salver. 1997 broke all records for

attendance with all five  evening performances and both matinees packed.

Sadly, the 1999 Festival was the last - but not for lack of public support. 


        Films by Phil Heath


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Mike McFarnell took on the challenge to produce the Dover Film. Pat Heath,

Chairman of Dover District Council hosted a showing of the 2003 Dover Film

at the Dover District Council Chambers, Whitfield . Michael Foad felt so stongly

that the Film Festival should return to Dover Town Hall that he presented £ 100

 towards a video projector at the 2004 Dover Proms Concert. This was matched

 by the Dover Carnival Association. It proved impossible to bank the money 

without setting up a new organisation. It was decided that the Dover Pageant 

Society could organise and run both events. A letter was sent out requesting 

donations towards the projector. A total of £  830.38 was raised.

The last Dover Pageant took place in 2008. In 2012, the Dover Pageant as an

organisation ceased and a new 'Not for profit' company limited by guarantee  No 8792028  was formed.


The Dover Film Festival Society continued to show the Annual Film at Dover

Town Hall until 2016 when Dover Town Council and Dover District Council

asked the Society to move to the Silver Screen Cinema. The Town Council

and the District Council had used £40,000 to equip the Silver Screen Cinema

with a digital projector.

Our move allowed them to claim they were supporting a community Cinema.

We were sorry to leave the Town Hall but it was sensible. People going to the

Dover Film enjoyed the quality of the film projected and the comfort of the

seats. Covid-19 has closed the cinema but we hope to be back at the Silver

Screen Community for March 2022







 Films by Mike McFarnell


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The Dover Film Festival Society is a ' Not for profit' company Limited by guarantee No 8792028