Images taken from the 1978 Ray Warner Dover Film.




            1959 the first hovercraft an SRNI arrived on thr beach at Dover




   In 1978 the size of hovercraft had moved on and they attracted crowds to Dover.


         In August 1978 there was a lot of media interest in Prince Fahid’s first

        international channel swim race. The winner was a Saudi Arabian

                                           Snow on Conaught Road

                            Visit by the paddle steamer Waverley

                  New mayor of Dover was Councillor Denis Clayton

                    The Zeebrugge graves at St James' cemetery


   New £14 million international hoverport at Dover      

                         opened by Duke of Kent






                                   Band plying in Kearsney Abbey

      Ferry Passengers inall shapes and sizes arrive in Dover. French man and his pony

         Bryan Allen  made the first pedal-powered crossing of the Channel from

                          the Warren in a Gossamer Albatross.


   New ferry 'the Tiger named by  Lord Geprge Brown former Foreign Secretary 



          Normandy Ferries ship 'The Tiger  with mascot Sid the Seagull

                  and special passenger a tiger.


The 1978 Dover Film can be viewed under supervision at the Dover Museum.


It can be watched on a computer screen in the Dover Museum.