Thousands of people turned out to watch the 1994 Dover Pageant spectacle in Connaught Park.

The theme was Banking on Dover and hundreds of people - portraying characters down the centuries  helped bring history to life.





                                         Early Britains - Bodicca


The community theatre event included singing, dancing, battles, smugglers, children from local schools, bowmen, gymnasts, horses, cattle, sheep and dogs. 

The story, which took nearly three hours to unfold, had been researched by Pageant Mistress Lorraine Sencicle, who was also celebrating her birthday that day, and was written and directed by Noreen Thomas.


Cast for 1994 Dover Pageant


Chris Allan TEP Scenes 6-7a,8 King of Essex; 15a-15c Hawkins; 21a-25, Finale Henry Bruyers. Lor 2 2237 7203


Elizabeth Archbold DGGS Scenes 5b, 8 Icini warrior/Viking; 13a Spanish Sailor; 16a-b 22 Piquet Guard; 19 Sans Coulottes; 24b Sandwich Boardman; Finale Piquet Guard. 1408, 5252, Sans Coulotte gear. 


Gillian Archbold DGGS .Scenes 5b Boudicca's daughter; 13a Spanish Sailor; 19 Sans Coulottes; 24b Sandwich Boardman; Finale Boudicca's daughter. 1103, Sans Coulotte gear.


Peter Austen TEP Scenes 3a-8 10a-12b Edgar a nagging wife's husband; 17a-18 William Minet snr. 22, 24a-25 Porter; 26a Finale Recruiting Officer. 5267, 9261, porters waistcoat.


Liz Barwick Nonnington Players Scenes 2-7 Adiminus - A Trader; 10a-11-12 Monk; 16b-18a Puritan/Jacobean; 22-25 Victorian Finale Puritan/Jacobean.


Tim Bitcheno TEP Scenes 6-7a,8 King of Mercia; 15b-15c, 16a-16b William Patterson; 21b-22 Nathan Rothschild;   24a-25 Porter. Male Crowd/Miner 26,27b; Finale Porter. 2233 5268(+Rothschild) porter's waist coat.


Ann Browne TEWI Scenes 6-7a Queen of Essex; 10a-12b medieval Courtier/Merchant; 16b-19,20b-22 Country Person; Finale Nurse.


Maxime Boy Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman; 13a Spanish sailor; San Coulotte; 24b + Gold digger; Finale Spanish Sailor.


Sheila Buss TEP Scenes 3a-8 10a-12b Cartimandua a barterer; 16b-19; 22 23c-25, Finale ~1rs Rae Reid.


Phil Carr TEWI Scenes 6-7a Queen of Mercia; 15a-c, 17a-18a Mrs R. Henshaw snr; 22-25 Victorian; Finale Mrs R. Henshaw snr. 


Roisin Chappell Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman; 13a Spanish sailor;French Aristocrat; 24b + Gold digger; Finale French Aristocrat.


Tonya Cheatham DGGS Scenes 5b, 8 Icini warrior/Viking; lOa, 11- 1I-Monk; 16b-18a, 18c-19, 20b-22 Country Person; 24b + Gold digger; Finale Monk


Maurice Cherney Scenes 2-4 Diviciac a trader; Scene 8 Viking; 10a-b Crusader; 13a Spanish sailor; 18a 19 20a, 22 Smug,gler; 24b Goldigger; Male Crowd/Miner 26,27b; Finale Spanish Sailor.


Ken Cheung Dover College Scenes Sa-b Romans; 13a Spanish Sailor;r9I-22, Finale Captain Larkins.


Linda Clark TEP 1,2,7,15c,16b,18a,22, Dancer; 13a-14 Raleigh;Carlos Claveria Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman; 13a Spanish Sailor; 19 Sans Coulottes; 24b Goldiggers etc; Finale Spanish Sailor.


Barry Clayton Nonnington Players Scenes 5b Cernunos - Death; Richard Henshaw snr 14-15c,17a-18a; 24a-25 Porter-Finale Porter. 


Helen Clayton Nonnington Players Scenes 2-7 Freda - A Trader; 10a-11-12 Monk; 16b-18a Suson Minet; French aristocrat; 22-25 Victorian Finale Puritan/Jacobean. 


Pat Corbett Scenes 3a-8 10a-12b Briganta a barterer; 19-23c Finale Aunt Mary Fector; 


Sue Corbett 9227 5118 1400a


Kate Cordani Scenes 3a-7a Adeline a barterer; 10b-l0c Eastern Prisoner; 16b-19,20b-22 Country Person; 24b-25 Finale Eastern Prisoner. 


Louise Cordani Scenes 2-7a Tincomminus a trader; 10b-l0c Eastern Prisoner; 19-21a Czarina of Russia; Golddigger etc 24b; Finale Czarina of Russia. 0503, Czarina,


Elsie Cornelius TEW1 Scene 6-7a Queen of East Anglia; 15a-c, 16b-18a Puritan/Jacobean; 22-25 Victorian; Finale Nurse. 


David Crawford SERCO 25-27b Finale Barrel Organ;


Liz Crew TEW1 Scenes 7a-8 Moneyer of Sandwich; 10a-12b Medieval Courtier/Merchant; 19-24a Ann Latham; Finale Nurse.,


Stuart Dimmock Scenes 6b, 15a 18c 20b Finale Town Crier.


Inigo Dodd Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman; 13a Spanish Sallor; Captain Graham


Tim Elvery Scenes 10c, Finale Richard 1


Kerim Erengul Dover College Scenes 5a-b, Roman; Monk; 19 Sans Coulottes; L4b Goldiggers etc; Finale Monk.


Colin Fagg Scenes 5a; 13b Squire to Elizabeth I; 17a-18b Richard Henshaw jnr; Finale Roman messenger.


Kerry Fenton Scenes 1,2,7,15c,16b,18a,22,25 Finale Dancer.


Ken Flint Henry Rice


Jean Fowler TEWI Scenes 3a-8 10a-12b Elsie a barterer; 17a-18a Alice Hughes/Minet; 22-25 Victorian; Finale Nurse.


Rachel Fowler TEWI Scenes 3a-8, lOa-12 Zulikus - Barter's grand-daughter, 1Gb-18 18c-19 20b-22 Finale Country child.


Gemma Fushilo Dover College Scenes 5b, 8 Icini warrior/Viking; 13a Spanish sailor; French Aristocrat; 24b + Gold digger; Finale French Aristocrat.


Matthew Garrett Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman; 13a Spanish Sailor; 19 Sans Coulntte; 24b+ Goldrligers ~tc; Finale Sans Coulotte.


Robert Garside DDC Scenes 5a-b Rom~n; 13b-.14 Gilbert; 19-20 James Peter Fector; 18c + Goldiger etc; Fin~le James Peter Fector.


Laurence Guage Dover Society  John William Minet 


James Glover Scenes 5b 8 Rom,"in/Icini/ Viking Warrior; Scene 8 Viking; lOa-b Crusader; 13a Spanish Sailor; 21b-25 Sarrluel tvletcalfe Latham; Finale CCF


Vicky Goldfinch Scenes 1,2,7,15c,16b,1.8a,22,25 Finale Dancer.


Katie Green DGGS Scenes 5b Boudicca' s daughter; 13a Span ish Sailor; 19 Sans Coulotte; 24b Sandwich Boardman; Finale: Boutiica's daughter. Sans Coulotte gear.


Ann Groombridge TEP Scenes 3a-7a Bertha a barterer; 14-15c,17a- Mrs Samuel Latham snr; 22-25 Victorian Lady;26 Recruitment girl; 213 and Finale Air Raid Warden. 


Mary Gulf Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman ; 13a Spanish Sailor; Sans Coulotte; 24b + Gold digger; Finale Sans Coulottes.


Damian Hall Scenes Sb, 8 Icini Warrior/Viking; 11-12 Monk; 18b-20 Smuggler; 24b + goldigger etc; Finale Smuggler.


Helena Hall Scenes 6-7a,8 Fealtye of Essex; 10b-c Eastern Prisoner; 21b-25, Finale Charlotte Fector


Naomi Hall Scenes 1,2,7,15c,16b,18a,22,25 Finale Dancer. h129


Peter Hall Scenes 5a-Sb Tax Collector; 13a-14 T;'1omas Best {Buccaneer); 17a-18a 18c-19 John Latham; James Walker 24a-25, Finale John Latham. 9222, 7202, 5266, 1204 5221.


Sarah Hall Dover College Scenes 5a-b Roman ; 13a Tudor Female; Sans Coulotte; 24b + Gold digger; Finale Elizabethan


Sylvia Hall Scenes 3a-7a Bridget a barterer; 10a-10c Queen Elenorof Aquataine; 19-23c, Finale Mrs John Lewis Minet; 



                               Jemma Irving Miss Dover


The award for the fastest time of the day (9.8sec)- and the men's trophy went to the Nilbog  Wonders team - Mike, Bodman, 18, from Deal, and Duncan Manser, 21, from St Margaret's, with Maria Rogers, 20, from Dover. The women's race winners were one of the Nu-Age teams who took part - Joanne Hayes, 18, Ali Knight, 21, with Frenchman, Fred Moisson, 24, who works at Nu-Age. Second in the women's race were the Little Gems, Tracey  Mills and Sapphire Fairhurst, both 16, with Darren Gooding 21, who came from Cliftonville and volunteered to form a team the day. 

Two from Calais took part in the chariot races.