Painting 1  current bid   £ 10.00



Painting 2  current bid   £ 10.00



Painting 3  current bid   £ 10.00



Painting 4  Current bid    £ 10.00




Painting 5  Current bid    £ 5.00


                               Painting 6 Current bid   £ 5.00bid 
                                    Painting 7  Current bid    £ 5.00


The above paintings are available to the highest bidder.


Make a bid. Give number and amount of your bid.




Arrange through Email payment and collection.


The following 3 events will promote the project.


The Dover Regatta - 6 August 2022


Our target is to have 30 painting on display at the Regatta.


The Lions Club Charity Publican Walk - 28th August 2022


Dover Big Local Urban Fete - 24th September 2022




All the money for the paintings will go towards helping


Ukraines in Dover.


Every week the Ukraines, who have come to settle in Dover


meet at the Sunrise Cafe and the funds from the auction of 


the paintings will go towards supporting activities for them.



Rules and mechanism



Forms for painters to complete