Dover  -   The history -  A vision


In 55AD Dover was the frontline to the Roman Invasion.

                                 Imagine if we could have a film or video back then. 
                                               What a record that would be.
                              Throughout the years Dover has seen.
                                               *   Kings and Queens
                                               *   Famous men & women
                                               *   Frontline in Wars 

                            And that’s just the headlines. 
                            What about the properties, buildings and the Town.
                            So many changes, so many memories of events.
                            So much importance to the Town, to the Country  and to UK and world history.
                            Dover’s history has a right, a duty to be preserve.




Henry VIII
Lord Warden of the Cinque Ports
and Constable of Dover Castle
Richard Eburne plays the part
at the 2002 Dover Pageant

Henry VIII

at  Dover Castle 2001